Our Story

A Family Owned Business

On Your Game is locally owned and family operated. Our staff has over 100 years of ice sport experience. Together, we strive to serve and make a difference in the community where we live, work, and play hockey.

On Your Game was founded by Troy Thrun, a 40 year veteran of hockey. Troy is knowledgeable and passionate about the sport, and it shows by his enthusiasm and excitement whenever he talks about it.

But it’s not just about hockey. It’s about allowing athletes to perform at their best. It’s about offering the latest technology in skate sharpening and skate blade conditioning to allow hockey players, figure skaters, sled hockey players and recreational skaters to skate better, skate faster, have more control and enjoyment than ever before.

On Your Game is also about having the right products in stock, and the availability of products to suit everyone’s needs in just a couple of days.

We invite you to stop in, say hi, and let us earn your business. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our skate sharpening. (Yes, it is that important, and yes, we are that confident.)​​