Skate Sharpening and Repair Experts in Grand Rapids

At On Your Game, skates are our passion. Our experts have been sharpening skates for over 50 combined years. We also help our customers with a variety of skate-related services, including purchasing, repair, and modifications.

Skate Sharpening

We provide both traditional and Flat Bottom V sharpenings. Learn more about Flat Bottom V on their website.

Sharp Card (Includes 4 Sharpenings) $25 Hockey / $40 Figure
Traditional Hockey Skate/Rec Skate Sharpening $7
Flat Bottom-V Skate Sharpening $8
Goalie Sharpening $8
Competitive Figure Skate Sharpening $12
First/New Skate Sharpening $15
Abused Skates Skate Sharpening $15

Skate Modification

If your skates feel slightly uncomfortable or just don't fit right, we may be able to help. On Your Game offers a variety of skate modification techniques that are designed to enhance the comfort of your skates.

Cag One Profile $25
Thermal Skate Bake $15
Pressure Point Release/Boot Punch $15/pair
Boot Stretch $20
Blade Straightening $5
Shape and Mount Blades $17

Skate Repair

If your skates break or become damaged, On Your Game has the tools to quickly get you back on the ice. Our staff takes pride in their craftsmanship and you can be confident that your repaired skate will be as good as new.

Rivet Replacement (Copper) $2 / $5 minimum
Rivet Replacement (Steel) $1 / $5 minimum
New Skate Runners $59.99 and up/pair
New Skate Holders $59.99 and up/pair
Holders and Runners Full Set $149.99 and up/pair
Remounting $60
Blade Tightening $5/skate
Skate Eyelet Replacement $1 each / $5 minimum